New Ireland Access to Energy Program

Live & Learn Papua New Guinea is partnering with the Schneider Electric Foundation to pilot energy solutions to Papua New Guinea (PNG).  

Most of the country’s population of almost 8 million people live in rural communities and are faced with significant challenges in health, education and economic opportunity. Alarmingly, 49% of children in PNG have stunted growth due to chronic malnutrition, meaning PNG has the fourth highest child-stunting rate in the world. Schools and health care centres are, at community level, catalytic institutions for change and will be the target groups for this program. 

The Schneider Electric Foundation / Live & Learn partnership will deliver low maintenance energy systems to schools and health facilities improving the lives of marginalised groups in rural
New Ireland Province. The project will leverage on Schneider’s technical expertise and innovative technologies and Live & Learn’s community development expertise in PNG spanning over 30 years. 

In November 2018, PNG hosted the Asia Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) Forum, to foster economic growth in the region. A commitment was given during the Forum by the countries of Australia, United States, New Zealand and Japan to help fund energy supply systems to 70% of the population of PNG by 2030.  For this to occur many different models of energy service delivery will need to be carried out across the complex landscape of PNG.

As part of this program, Live & Learn will be carrying out a Social Analysis with targeted communities in New Ireland Province to gauge how community-based solar networks can be established with various models and structures of ownership and governance being evaluated. Sustainability and scale is of paramount importance and this project represents pilot activities that after 18 months will be suitable for scale across New Ireland Province. with support from the Provincial Administration and other partners. 

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