Tropical Cyclones

Humanitarian Partnership Agreement: CARE Australia In Partnership with Live & Learn Environmental Education Tropical Cyclone Winston (Fiji) Response

Tropical Cyclone Winston was the strongest cyclone ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere. The Tropical Cyclone Winston response undertaken by CARE and Live & Learn reached 27,092 beneficiaries across 5,245 households and 234 villages and settlements. This represented approximately 7.8% of the 350,000 people initially identified as seriously affected by TC Winston in Fiji.


CARE Australia, in partnership with Live & Learn, responded to the needs of vulnerable, cyclone-affected communities in Fiji with $1.6 Million in financial support from the Government of Australia, through the Humanitarian Partnership Agreement. This significant support enabled the partnership to leverage financial and in-kind support from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), CARE Australia Appeals, and other CARE International members and donors.  

The Tropical Cyclone Winston response had two components - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Livelihoods:

  • WASH: to provide essential and life-saving WASH assistance to cyclone affected households in Ba and Ra Provinces (Western Division), Cakaudrove and Macuata Provinces (Northern Division)
  • Livelihoods: to meet life-saving needs through the implementation of livelihoods programs, including protection elements, in Ba and Ra

Key achievements from the response include:

  • 27,092 beneficiaries reached (including 410 classified as members of vulnerable groups) – 7,004 women, and 7,742 men, 5,904 girls, 6,442 boys 
  • 4,280 Hygiene Kits distributed (with additional kits distributed to beneficiaries of sanitation facilities). This included 19 schools (10 villages and 9 settlements).
  • 4,136 Seed Kits distributed;
  • 248 household sanitation facilities constructed or rehabilitated;
  • 17 community water supply systems constructed or rehabilitated;
  • Hygiene promotion training provided for 25,904 people in 21 villages and 22 settlements;
  • 17 community nurseries constructed; and
  • Agricultural training provided for 312 people in 17 villages and settlements

CARE has been working with Live & Learn since 2012. Prior to Tropical Cyclone Winston a partnership was established to jointly respond to humanitarian disasters in the Pacific, where it made sense to do so.  The purpose of the partnership was to draw on the mutual programming strengths and experience of both agencies in particular CARE’s strong Gender and Emergency Preparedness and Response expertise and Live & Learn’s extensive networks and community-based experience in the Pacific.  


Tropical Cyclone Zena and at least five tropical disturbances disrupted activities throughout the project. Live & Learn’s established relationships and local networks were critical to facilitating prompt access to impacted communities and the conduct of assessments.

CARE in turn, supported Live & Learn with technical expertise, appropriate analytical tools and training enabling them to broaden their geographic reach and to conduct needs assessments. 

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