CASE STUDY: Food Production on Funaota Islet, Tuvalu

Funded by the Department of Foreign A airs and Trade, the Tuvalu Food Futures Project aims to deliver low cost community-based adaptation activities to address climate change and build resilience in the Pacific. The Tuvalu Food Futures Project has produced this case study on agricultural activities on Funaota islet in the Nukufetau Atoll to document lessons learned for localization of small scale food security activities in Tuvalu.

Funaota Islet is located at the northern point of the Nukufetau Atoll, 8 miles from the main settlement at Savave, and only accessible by boat. Funaota is communal land that has been used as an agricultural cultivation space since the 19th century. Funaota provides a source of employment for families in the community in the form of laborers at the site. Nukufetau residents continue to view Funaota as a food source for the community. Funaota supplies the market every fortnight with fresh foods like breadfruit and banana. The case study shows how farming on Funaota can be a sustainable island business other suitable sites in Tuvalu if some key challenges are addressed.

Cover and sample images from Funaota Islet Case Study
Themes: Climate Resilience, Disaster Risk Reduction & Response
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Locations: Tuvalu