Community Fire Management Info Pack and Poster

How can communities be better prepared for wildfires in their forests?

Climate change is already leading to increased risk of wild fire in forest areas, which pose a threat to biodiversity and the livelihoods and resources of local communities. However, community-level planning can help to mitigate these risks, especially when communties are regularly informed with the latest climate data.

Through work with people living in central West New Britain, Papua New Guinea, Live and Learn have developed a process whereby communities can develop their own fire management plans. These plans are intended to be integrated within national and local government agencies, which allows communties to have early warning of fire risk climate conditions. The information pack is in Tok Pisin and provides clear steps and recommendations for community planning; there is also a poster which can be used to promote fire awareness in communities.

The Via River Catchment Fire Management Plan can also be accessed at


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