Discovering Democracy: A resource for young people in Fiji

How can young people in Fiji contribute to democracy, sustainability and human rights?

This guide introduces young people to the concepts of democracy, human rights and sustainable development, and why they are important for Fijian society. It builds the capacity of young people to make positive contributions to society by understanding the issues and using their strengths for change.

Discovering Democracy introduces participants to types of government and how democracy fits into Fijian society, and explains what sustainable development and human rights are, building on Fiji’s ratification of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, which are part of the basis of modern democracy. The guide shows how young people can influence government by organising youth groups, identifying opportunities for action and applying their strengths to current issues.

Discovering Democracy: A resource for young people in Fiji
Themes: Environmental Protection, Equality & Inclusion
Resource Types: Manuals, Visual Aids
Locations: Fiji