Economic valuation of water management in Angkor heritage area

The Angkor Community Heritage & Economic Advancement (ACHA) project was a multi-year project funded by the New Zealand government to establish sustainable management of Angkor Park that protects the historical heritage of the religious monuments while providing economic prosperity and food security for the people who live within the park.
 Activities focused on improved income and food security in participating communities, increased yields and production from agriculture, enhanced protection of Angkor Park and sustainable practices in participating communities and targeted areas, and community inclusive park management in participating communities.

At the conclusion of the project in 2018 an economic valuation report was presented. The report used an eco-system services based framework to assess the economic benefits derived over the course of the project, and five years into the future. Total economic benefits derived from this project are in the range of US$9,500,308 – $13,419,417. Projected economic benefits to 2023 are in the range of $52,484,104 – $71,481,007. Additional non-economic benefits include food security (higher than in comparable regions within Cambodia), pagoda revitalisation, heritage appreciation, and emigrant attraction. Watershed management has also enabled household livelihood diversification beyond traditional rice and tourism services.

Economic valuation of water management in Angkor cover
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