Invasive Species in Vanuatu

How can we control the spread of invasive species in Vanuatu?

The Invasive Species in Vanuatu resources aim to limit the spread and ecological impact of invasive plant and animal species in the islands of Vanuatu. There are three resources useful for identifying, spreading information about and controlling invasive species.

The Invasive Species Media Guide targets journalists, reporters, photographers, environmental writers and other people in media and communication roles in Vanuatu. It aims to heighten awareness within the media and communications sector about the issue of invasive species in Vanuatu and offers guidance on how to effectively report on environmental issues.

The Invasive Species Pocket Guide helps local communities identify the different invasive species that exist in their communities. It contains images and information about the dangers of invasive species, and offers tips on the management of weeds and pests. The pocket guide can be used by farmers, agricultural extension officers, environmental professionals, students, community groups, NGOs and other land managers in Vanuatu.

The Invasive Species Flipchart supports community group presentations, and uses strong imagery to convey information about invasive species and how to control them. These groups can include farmers, NGOs and other agencies. Government ministries, high schools, universities and colleges may also find the chart useful. The flipchart contains background information for facilitators and activities for groups.

Invasive Species in Vanuatu