Madi Kilambu – A Rapid Assessment of Perceptions: Part 2

How might we understand the gendered dimensions of local environmental issues?

This RAP aimed to determine the capacity of communities to develop conservation agriculture and develop resilience to climate change. It also aimed to analyse how perceptions of land resource issues and decision making might be gendered, with the intent of ensuring women are at the forefront of resilience building activities. It showed that there are both issues faced by community members in general, as well as gendered issues that are community specific. 

This RAP contains a detailed description of the methods of data collection, the findings of the assessment, as well as the recommendations for future development activities. It also contains a facilitators guide for those interested in conducting similar rapid assessments. 

Cover page for the document 'Madi Kilambu - A Rapid Assessment of Perceptions: Part 2'
Themes: Climate Resilience, Environmental Protection
Resource Types: Reports
Locations: Maldives