Nutritious Food and Healthy Diet: A Toolkit for Youth

Why are healthy diets so important for our youth?

This toolkit aims to support youth in developing awareness around healthy eating habits and why they are so important. It discusses these issues in the context of shifts towards consuming purchased foods over grown foods, and as an important step towards climate change resilience. It is intended to be used by facilitating ‘training the trainers’ to work in communities to raise awareness around these issues. It includes several participatory activities to be used with youth.

This resource contains handy fact sheets for students to learn about things like the dangers of skipping meals, the importance of breakfast, and the importance of eating fresh fruit and vegetables. It was developed for the ‘Promoting Community Resilience to Climate Change’ project, and can be used in conjunction with the Nutritious Food and Healthy Diet: A Toolkit for Women resource.

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Themes: Climate Resilience
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