Practical Tools for Schools Flipchart – NEEAC

Want to help students develop practical ‘green’ skills?

This flipchart covers four themes: weather, water, waste and energy. Under these themes, students will learn about things like how weather systems work, how weather impacts farming, how to monitor weather, how to recycle and compost and where energy comes from. 

It was designed for teachers and facilitators to use with students or with environmental clubs. Each page contains information that can be used in the classroom as well as information for teachers to use in their lesson planning. The flip chart also features a series of participatory activities as well as discussion points that can be used afterwards to clarify key concepts and share ideas. The activities tend to be quite hands on, so that students develop practical knowledge that is relevant to their lives.

Available in English and Khmer.

Cover page for the document 'Practical Tools for Schools Flipchart - NEEAC'
Themes: Climate Resilience, Environmental Protection, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
Resource Types: Manuals
Locations: Cambodia