Women work together for safer farming

1 February 2024

In December 2023, Live & Learn Papua New Guinea visited Katangan village. The community lives below a steep and rocky mountain range facing the coast. Due to the availability of land and soil quality people…

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Bernadeth, a role model for WASH leadership

1 February 2024

In the Solomon Islands, the New Times, New Targets Project is encouraging women to take up leadership roles to strengthen sanitation and hygiene in schools. An outstanding example of a female teacher taking charge of…

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Resilient fishing in PNG

24 January 2024

In the Climate Resilient Islands programme, communities are incorporating traditional knowledge of ecosystems management into community resilience plans. The ancestors in communities often practised sustainable methods of food growing and gathering, methods that now become…

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Documenting traditional ecosystem management in Tuvalu

17 January 2024

The natural resources of Vaitupu Island in Tuvalu have been managed by the community for centuries. As part of the CRI programme, Vaitupu recently documented traditional management of resources, in order to understand how they…

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Conserving forest by cutting ‘big lif’

10 January 2024

‘Big lif’ (merremia) spells big problems for the forests of Vanuatu. Across the small Pacific nation, this invasive species has taken over disturbed forests, smothering trees and destroying healthy habitats for birds, insects and animals.…

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Women lead in improving WASH in Tamami

8 January 2024

Leadership roles in communities in the Solomon Islands are often dominated by men, and this has often extended to WASH committees. But through training provided by Live & Learn and the NTNT project, the community…

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Live & Learn staff sitting in the Atoll Food Futures booth

Showcasing sustainable solutions for food security

6 December 2023

We can’t do without food, and the best way to improve food security is to make its production local and sustainable. World Food Day is an international event, celebrated every year on the 16th of…

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Amplifying the voices of women

28 November 2023

When women take leadership roles in WASH, communities get a different and wider perspective, especially when it comes to topics such as menstruation. In the community of Monga, in Solomon Islands’ Guadalcanal Province, the Live &…

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Lessons in disaster risk management

14 November 2023

Learning about disaster risk management is vital for schools in the Solomon Islands. Through the Australian Humanitarian Partnership (AHP) Disaster READY program, representatives from two schools in Honiara (Saint Vincent and Coronation Christian school) have…

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