Human Rights in the Western Pacific RAP

Cover page for the document 'Human Rights in the Western Pacific RAP'

Commercial logging harms local communities, especially women and children -  how might we prevent these human rights abuses?

Despite the promises of development, commercial logging in the remote areas of the Western Pacific has both immediate and long-term adverse impacts on human rights. These harms can even outlive logging activities and are felt most by women and children.

This RAP contributed to the ‘Combating Commercial Exploitation of Children and Violence Against Women in Remote Areas of the Western Pacific’ project, which focused on Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. It made a series of recommendations for how the project should move forward, but is also a valuable resource for people seeking to understand the connection between commercial logging and human rights abuses in the region.

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Human Rights & Freedoms
Environmental Protection
Climate Change
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Papua New Guinea
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