Live & Learn has a long history of publishing useful and practical tools for community development and environmental education. Our approach to developing manuals and guides is always focused on the learner, finding multiple ways to share information and values that are easy to understand and share.

We also share our published research to contribute to the wider public knowledge of the perceptions and priorities of the rural and urban communities we work with. Our training publications have been designed so that they photocopy well in black and white, to enable easier accessibility in places with limited access to colour printing facilities.

Live & Learn currently provides free access to our resource library, but requests that you discuss any reprinting or translation requests for these resources with us. We also encourage you to make a donation to Live & Learn for any resource that you find helpful in your work or in your organisation.

Community Water Conservation Program Guide

How can we empower Aboriginal Australians to work in their communities on water conservation and hygiene issues?

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Pilot Project for Community Engagement in Water Conservation at Ali Curung

How can we make water conservation both sustainable and participatory?

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