Tapa aka tou alo: Recipes from the islands of Tuvalu

Tapa aka tou alo, a cookbook of Tuvaluan cuisine, was created as part of the Tuvalu Food Futures Project, which is supported by the Australian Government and implemented by Live and Learn Environmental Education, The Pacific Community (SPC), Biofilta Pty Ltd and DT Global.

This resource is a reflection of indigenous food knowledge and cultural identity. The recipes in this book were provided by local women from eight of Tuvalu’s nine islands. Tuvalu’s first international cookbook is a celebration of culture, highlighting the link between food, environment and human connection.

Tapa aka tou alo means ‘come and have something to eat’, symbolising the connection between community and family. By preserving these traditional recipes for future generations Tuvalu can build resilience to climate change and continue to thrive. We hope that these meals delight, educate and inspire.

The cookbook cover and sample pages from inside.
Themes: Atoll Food Futures, Climate Resilience
Resource Types: Manuals
Locations: Tuvalu