Get Involved


Volunteering with our office in Melbourne or in offices in Asia and the Pacific is a great way to support the vision of a fairer, more sustainable world. If you are interested in volunteering, please send us an email.

All potential volunteers must have an unconditional personal commitment to protect the natural environment and the many people that depend on it for their survival. All volunteers must meet Live & Learn child protection policies.



Give what you can to help people across Asia and the Pacific. Your generosity can:

  • Help vulnerable communities become more climate resilient
  • Restore and protect people threatened by natural disasters such as tropical cyclones and tsunamis
  • Support the everyday work of Live & Learn’s local teams – improving access to water, protecting forests and coastal ecosystems, strengthening food security and more

You can make a major difference to the lives of people in Asia and the Pacific by giving today. Any amount, no matter how small, can help create a fairer, more equal and climate resilient future. You can bring that future closer by giving today.

Make an impact

Support people across Asia and the Pacific and help create more sustainable and equitable communities. You can:

  • Download change-making graphics and resources
  • Learn how to write to your local MP about important issues
  • Join our campaigns and more

Check back on this page to see how you can be part of Live & Learn’s work and make an impact!