Work with us

Live & Learn Environmental Education sometimes has opportunities to join our team. All employment opportunities will be posted here as they come available. We operate a non-discriminatory employment process and working environment.

All positions require applicants to have certain personal qualities. These are a maturity of judgement, flexibility, creativity, responsiveness, initiative, ability to follow through, ability to take a considered approach, ability to work within an organisation, openness to learning, a sense of humour, and an unconditional personal commitment to protect the natural environment and the many people that depend on it for their survival.

All applicants must meet Live & Learn child protection policies. If you fit these criteria, we welcome you to apply for any position you are suited to as they come up.


Volunteering with us


Live & Learn sometimes has volunteering opportunities in our Melbourne office, and in our network field offices. If you are interested in volunteering please send us an email.

All potential volunteers must have an unconditional personal commitment to protect the natural environment and the many people that depend on it for their survival. All volunteers must meet Live & Learn child protection policies.

Current Positions

Live & Learn Kiribati, Country Manager


Position Title: Country Manager

Location: South Tarawa, Kiribati

Responsible to: Executive Director

Term of Position: Three years with option to renew pending funding and performance

Position Objective: To lead and manage Live & Learn Kiribati and ensure its continued development and growth as a leading NGO in Kiribati through the acquisition and implementation of sustainable, effective community-based development programmes and projects. Supporting climate change adaptation and nature-based solutions are key objective.



Live & Learn Environmental Education’s mission is working towards a sustainable and equitable world free from poverty. Live & Learn Kiribati is a dynamic local organisation. We are locally registered, managed and staffed and have partnerships with government agencies across all sectors. Building local capacity, confidence, skills and partnerships within our local networks, is a fundamental goal to the Live & Learn Kiribati. This strengthens our relationships with communities, builds local ownership and ensures long-term commitment to our programs.  Effective tools and innovations are adapted from one country to another, with consideration for the local culture and context. Live & Learn is committed to building local systems and groups, and providing on going and support and mentoring. We believe change takes time and an inclusive approach to capacity building is key to achieving lasting change. Our experience has shown that only by fostering and building local leadership and ownership, within and outside an organisation, can change occur and be sustained.


Guiding Principles

We aim to strengthen this foundation through following guiding operating principles:

  • Live & Learn seeks to establish action-based, effective and innovative learning models and methodologies of environmental education;
  • Live & Learn emphasises the importance of linking individuals, families, communities and agencies so that communities in their entirety are involved with climate change adaptation;
  • Live & Learn promotes attitudes, policies, institutions and practices that supports community-based climate change adaptation, food security, WASH and nature-based solutions.
  • Live & Learn strives to work in appropriate partnerships with local groups, communities, other NGOs, and government agencies, respecting their position and addressing their needs;
  • Live & Learn openly shares knowledge, information and lessons learnt with national partners and colleagues as well as the wider regional and international community.



Program Management and Service Delivery 

  • Lead and co-ordinate Live & Learn’s programs and projects, oversee and contribute to the design, development and implementation of all activities, strategies, plans and systems.
  • Manage the human resources of the organisation efficiently and effectively to ensure programs and projects are delivered at high quality and on time.
  • Oversee the implementation of and compliance with Live & Learn and donor policies and codes of conduct and relevant laws of Kiribati.
  • Undertake all reporting responsibilities in a timely manner.
  • Facilitate and promote information sharing with stakeholders around a range of development and education issues particularly within the education and environment field.
  • Keep up to date with international and domestic literature and thinking and emerging issues within sectoral or thematic areas of expertise including on climate change and disaster risk management, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and any other related themes as approved by the Board of Trustees.
  • Represent Live & Learn at relevant and approved domestic and international forums.
  • Monitor program and project progress and ensure lessons learned feed into organisational learning.
  • Promote flows of knowledge through identifying new trends and topics, anticipating emergent knowledge gaps and advising on those areas of knowledge where Live & Learn investment should be focussing.

Relationship Building

  • Explore funding opportunities, prepare funding proposals conditional to approval from Board of Trustees and successfully secure funding for new projects.
  • Build relationship with donors, multi-lateral agencies, regional agencies, technical bodies and relevant stakeholders to share information, seek funding opportunities and harmonise approaches.
  • Facilitate communications between Live & Learn Kiribati, Live & Learn Melbourne and other Live & Learn Country Offices, contributing to development and thinking about effective models for environmental education among the Live & Learn network.
  • Maintain and ensure positive and responsive professional relationships internally and externally including active participation in the WASH Cluster.

Organisational Development

  • Establish a weekly staff meeting process to (a) co-ordinate staff activities and objectives and improve co-operation; (b) develop office teamwork and morale; (c) support opportunities for professional development through in-house presentations.
  • Undertake periodic reviews and evaluations to assess the efficiency, effectiveness, impact, rational and sustainability of Live & Learn’s activities.
  • Manage and review efficient and proper use of organisation assets and office operations.
  • Ensure robust financial management including timely submission of required financial documentation and/or reports to Live & Learn Melbourne and donors.
  • Undertake additional tasks as requested by the Board in Kiribati.


Candidate Attributes


  • Able to lead and manage an organisation, maintaining a clear focus on sustainable outcomes.
  • Able to coordinate a range of complex tasks simultaneously.
  • Able to effectively prioritise and organise own workload.

Work Knowledge:

  • Able to lead and manage an organisation, maintaining a clear focus on sustainable outcomes.
  • Able to coordinate a range of complex tasks simultaneously.
  • Able to effectively prioritise and organise own workload.

Work Experience:

  • Minimum 5 years of relevant development and management experience.
  • Experience working in communities and with communities.
  • Experience in undertaking and appraising project designs and evaluations.

Team Work:

  • A willing, inclusive and respectful team player able to contribute effectively to teams.
  • Ability to work with consensus decision-making.
  • A good standard of written and oral skills including the ability to present and effectively debate complex issues.
  • Written and oral fluency in local languages.
  • Excellent listening skills.
  • Able to adjust personal style to meet receivers’ needs.
  • Good facilitation skills.

Problem Solving Skills:

  • Can identify problems and develop appropriate responses based on sound judgement.
  • Has the ability to manage through crisis situations in a calm and confident way.
  • Excellent problem identification and analysis skills and sound judgement at a strategic level.


  • Must be able to obtain police check.
  • Must have computer competency.
  • Must be able to travel periodically locally, nationally and at times internationally.


Personal Qualities

Maturity of judgement, flexibility, creativity, responsiveness, initiative, ability to empower others, ability to follow through, ability to take a considered approach, openness to learning, a sense of humour and an unconditional personal commitment to protect the natural environments and the many people depending on these for their survival.


The successful candidate must be able to develop professional relationships of trust and confidence with government stakeholders.

Suitable candidates are encouraged to submit their CV to before 31st August 2022. The successful candidate can expect a 3rd October 2022 starting date.