The Pacific Catchment Group Handbook

What is a catchment group, and how can they improve land and water management?

This handbook is designed for government officers, NGO staff and other facilitators who seek to establish a catchment group or to support existing catchment groups.

A catchment group is a way of organising communities who share environments within a catchment system. Their purpose is to improve land and water resource management through community participation in decision making and coordination of resources and services. Catchment groups can help build inclusive decision making, relationships with other key stakeholders and advocacy for community interests.

This manual provides information around what a catchment group is and does, the key factors for success and sustainability, and how to go about mobilising such a group. It also includes a toolkit of activities that can be used in setting up a catchment group or in group meetings, as well as an action guide which can provide inspiration for group campaigns or projects.

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