Local development will lead to change that lasts - ACFID article

Localising development efforts will lead to change that lasts

As part of a series on ACFID Quality Principles, CEO of Live & Learn, and ACFID board member, Christian Nielsen, talked to ACFID about the power of localizing development efforts….and why he cringes when Pacific Island states are referred to as “failing states.”

Clean Hands

“Clean Hands, Good Toilet, Happy Family” Health Promotion Guidelines & Tools

Influencing health behaviour change seems like it should be simple. But each of us is a mixture of conscious and unconscious motivations, cultural preferences and habits. Logical reasons for choosing healthy habits don’t always effectively…

Education Changes Everything

Education Changes Everything #MenstruationMatters

Every month more than 300 million girls aged between 10-14 may dread the arrival of their period. A lack of adequate guidance, toilet facilities and sanitary materials for girls to manage their menstruation in schools…

Students use Arts for Advocacy to improve WASH

Students use Arts for Advocacy to improve WASH

Live & Learn has published two guidebooks for student-led advocacy campaigns that focus on ensuring that everyone in their school has access to safe drinking water, safe toilets and is practicing good hygiene behaviour. The…

Urban community-based sanitation enterprises

Urban community-based sanitation enterprises viable businesses

Live & Learn has established an effective contextualised sanitation marketing approach in Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Fiji, with potential for this approach to be replicated in other Pacific Island Countries. The approach…