Children in Development RAP

How can communities encourage children’s participation in development?

This Rapid Assessment of Perception report relates to the ‘Strengthening participation of children in peacebuilding in small island nations with high prevalence of violence, ethnic discrimination and tribal conflict’ or ‘Children in Development’ project, which helps planners and educators encourage awareness and activation of children’s rights and responsibilities.

The RAP reports on the need for the strengthening of community awareness of multiculturalism and gender inclusion, and recommends the development of educational material relating to peacebuilding that is better targeted at children, as well as the professional development of teachers and the creation of teacher networks, in order to better connect schools with the needs of the wider community, and further promote local autonomy and responsibility. The report makes general as well as specific recommendations for the countries encompassed by the report.

Children in Development RAP
Themes: Equality & Inclusion
Resource Types: Reports
Locations: Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu