Crop Fact Sheets

How can we grow more diverse crops and nourish the soil?

This set of 10 fact sheets helps farmers improve both the diversity of their crops and the health of the soil. The fact sheets contain information on how to propagate, plant and maintain crops such as bush yams and giant swamp taro in order to add diversity to diet, and other plants to replenish nutrients in the soil taken by other crops. There are also sheets on creating organic vegetable gardens and keeping soil healthy by adding manure and compost, and by rotating crops.

The Crop Fact Sheets also contain information on climate change, why this affects our crops and how we can take steps to create food security. They are available in English, Bislama (Vanuatu)and Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinea). They can be distributed as a set, or individually, depending on the farmer’s needs, and work together with two other resources on climate change and food security, Farm Technology: Protecting food security through adaptation to climate change in Melanesia and the Leadership Manual: Protecting food security through adaptation to climate change in Melanesia.

Crop Fact Sheets
Themes: Climate Resilience, Environmental Protection
Resource Types: Fact Sheet, Manuals, Visual Aids
Locations: Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu