Gender & Social Inclusion – “New Times New Targets” Baseline Report Summary

The New Times New Targets (NTNT) project is an Australian aid initiative implemented by Plan International Australia in partnership with Live & Learn Environmental Education on behalf of the Australian Government through the Water for Women Fund.

The NTNT project supports the Solomon Islands government through the collaborative implementation of participatory, risk-based approaches to improving rural WASH access and practices. This includes a ‘twin track’ approach to addressing gender and social inclusion. 

In early 2019 a gender and social inclusion baseline survey was done in 37 of the 60 target communities in the project. This document is a summary of findings and analysis based on three themes: 

  1. Female and male perspectives on access to water and sanitation facilities, and agency in household decision-making about water, sanitation and hygiene
  2. Female and male perspectives and experience on participation, inclusion and agency in community decision-making about water, sanitation and hygiene
  3. Female and male knowledge and experience of menstrual health

Further findings and analysis are presented in three summaries. On this page we have provided the full report and the three shorter thematic summaries.

Cover and sample text from Gender and Social Inclusion summary report