Germ-Buster Student Workbook

Discover how to knock germs out of your life!

The Germ-Buster Student Workbook can be used by students independently at their own pace, or with a teacher’s guidance, and teaches childrenabout germs, where they are found and how to prevent them making us sick.

Join Super Soap on a journey to destroy germs. Through various activities, such as quizzes, puzzles and song-writing, children learn about what hands do during the day, where germs live, how we pick them up, and how washing with soap in the morning, after handling rubbish and before we eat can stop the spread of disease and keep us healthy.

Germ-Buster Student Workbook
Themes: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
Resource Types: Manuals
Locations: Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu