Gud Disisons, Gud Lidasip: A community facilitation guide

How can we create strong, inclusive leadership in Solomon Islands communities?

This guide helps staff facilitating workshops to teach about good leadership. It can be used by local governments, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), churches, Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) and individuals as part of formal or informal education to promote inclusive decision-making and leadership.

GudDisisons, GudLidasip helps facilitators run sessions about the qualities and values of good leadership and decision making. It helps start conversations about how your community or organisation can make decisions that include all the people that are affected by them, including women, boys and girls. Included are background information and group activities that act as discussion starters for thinking about inclusive group leadership.

Gud Disisons, Gud Lidasip Guide
Themes: Equality & Inclusion
Resource Types: Manuals
Locations: Solomon Islands