Kiribati WASH in Schools Toolkit

The Kiribati WASH in Schools Toolkit is used by schools in Kiribati as part of the health component of the Year 1 & 2 Healthy Living subject, and Year 3-6 Healthy Living Syllabus and are integrated across other subject areas. The resource toolkits address the school levels of Y1-2, Y3-4, and Y5-6 and include teachers supplementary notes, readers, fact sheets and some games that guide and enhance the teaching, learning and assessment of WASH in Schools in Kiribati. 

There are almost 100 primary schools established in 21 inhabited low atoll islands in Kiribati. The islands are remote from each other, which is a big challenge for providing WASH in Schools services. Part of the goals of the Kiribati Ministry of Education is the provision of a conductive learning environment in Kiribati schools. This toolkit ensures that no matter how remote the schools are, the teachers are resourced with sufficient materials to include water, sanitation and hygiene information in class lessons.

Kiribati has the second highest number of diarrheal deaths under 5 years of age in the Pacific region. Education helps communities make the lifestyle changes required for a better tomorrow. Teachers are the key enablers of children and can support them as agents of personal behaviour change and community behaviour change and attitude. The Kiribati WASH in Schools Toolkit provides a whole-of-school approach through classroom and WASH club activities to improve good hygiene practices in schools to reduce sickness, and improve teaching outcomes. The toolkit was produced through a partnership between UNICEF, Ministry of Education and Live & Learn.

Cover and sample pages of Kiribati WASH in Schools Toolkit