Research of Aspirations and Perceptions [2]

What threats to natural resources do communities seek to overcome?

Sustainable development in Solomons faces numerous threats, including overlogging, overfishing and sedimentation. The purpose of this RAP was to understand community perceptions of the issues, capacities and opportunities associated with sustainable development projects. It was conducted in 2009 in the Choiseul region of the Solomon Islands.

This report outlines the research findings, which include issues around not having formalised marine ownership structures, the erosion of traditional management strategies, concerns around population growth, group conflict and a lack of collaborative management strategies. It was also found that there are perceived opportunities in timer milling, eco-tourism and small business development; however, communities also raised the need for continued support from NGOs and government departments.

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Themes: Environmental Protection, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
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Locations: Solomon Islands