A group of people surrounded by plants

Strengthening Pacific partnerships for food security

Crops weren’t the only thing being grown at Live & Learn’s Pacific Food Week last month, with connections between different country teams also being nurtured. Alongside learning many technical skills, including food processing methods and…

A woman standing in front of shelves of growing plants

Growing towards resilience at Pacific Food Week

Pacific Island nations face many challenges to their food resilience, but there is also huge knowledge and opportunity throughout the region to help overcome these difficulties. Factors like limited arable land, sea level rise and…

Best future for Khole-2

Vanuatu has a plan!

Communities participating in the CRI program in Vanuatu have just finished the resilience planning process, and they don’t just have one plan – they have many! After communities participated in information gathering to produce Community…

A man drawing a map

Finding where we are on the map

Without understanding our place in a system, we don’t know how to adapt most effectively when part of that system changes. As climate change continues to impact the Pacific, the local structures and ecosystems of…

A man and a woman holding an image of a red canoe, their resilience symbol

A voyage into the unknown: Adapting to a changing world

Long ago, Pasifika ancestors set out from their homes to find new lands scattered throughout the ocean. These people innovated with boats and navigation methods, refining them as they went, with strength and optimism helping…