Time for MHM Action in schools in Solomon Islands

Demonstration of reusable pads to school students


On 28 May over 230 students from Visale, Vaturanga and Tanakuku schools in Solomon Islands joined together to highlight Global Menstrual Hygiene Day, supported by Live & Learn Solomon Islands and Plan International in Solomon Islands. Boy and girl students participated in question and answer information sessions about menstruation as part of growing up, and different options for safely managing menstruation. In the session with the boys they wrote messages of encouragement for the girls.

A joint assembly featured presentations from school leaders and Live & Learn facilitators to share information about the WASH in Schools program in 22 schools in the area. This program will continue to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene management, and advocate for better recognition of this important issue and how schools need to meet the needs of female students and teachers.  

A highlight of the day was a drama presentation by Dreamcast, a community advocacy theatre group in Solomon Islands. Dreamcast performed a short theatre piece about menstrual hygiene and girl empowerment. The performance also highlighted the importance of inclusive water, sanitation and hygiene facilities at schools, and the importance for schools and parents to allocate enough money to support girls and women during menstruation.

Support for the menstrual hygiene day program was provided through the New Times, New Targets Project, an Australian aid initiative that aims to improve sustainable and inclusive access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services and facilities with schools, clinics and communities in rural Solomon Islands. The is implemented by Plan International Australia in partnership with Live & Learn Environmental Education, on behalf of the Australian Government. 

Boy students holding messages of support for girls

Live & Learn, Plan Australia and Water for Women project logos