Disaster Risk Reduction & Response

Image of the disaster preparedness case study

Disaster Preparedness in Fijian CRI Communities

23 February 2023

Climate Resilient Islands communities across Fiji are facing a range of disasters and challenges to their resilience. But many actions are being taken to prepare for disaster and strengthen their adaptation. The country’s ND-GAIN Resilience…

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The cover of the case study including pages of text from inside.

Live & Learn COVID-19 Response: Case Study

5 November 2021

Live & Learn’s response to the COVID-19 crisis has been a natural extension of our strong history of implementing water, sanitation and hygiene projects across the Pacific. Live & Learn has worked alongside communities that have been affected by the pandemic, supporting and expanding national health efforts in
the response to COVID-19.

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A family receives ration packages from Live & Learn Fiji

Live & Learn Fiji Responds to the COVID-19 Crisis

18 August 2021

The impact of Fiji’s recent COVID-19 outbreak has shocked the Pacific community. Over 39,770 Fijians are currently infected with the virus.

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Child filling water bottle from tap

Papua New Guinea Prepares for Drought Season

5 August 2021

Every year droughts have a significant effect on communities in Papua New Guinea. In rural communities that rely on farming, affected crops can lead to food shortages and insecurity.

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A sample of the Drought Preparedness Posters and Stickers

Papua New Guinea Drought Preparedness Posters

19 July 2021

As part of the Resilient WASH in the Islands Region of Papua New Guinea Program, Live & Learn has created and distributed a series of posters and stickers promoting drought preparedness.

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Emiline - First female plumbing graduate in Tonga

No longer a pipe dream

19 November 2020

Emeline is one of four apprentice students working with Live & Learn Tonga on the Australian government funded Tonga Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Recovery and Resilience project. As part of World Toilet Day 2020, Live & Learn applauds Emeline and her progress and professional development. Flood, drought and rising sea levels threaten sanitation systems Everyone must have sustainable sanitation that can withstand climate change and keep communities healthy and functioning.

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Cover and sample images from Funaota Islet Case Study

CASE STUDY: Food Production on Funaota Islet, Tuvalu

19 May 2020

Funded by the Department of Foreign A airs and Trade, the Tuvalu Food Futures Project aims to deliver low cost community-based adaptation activities to address climate change and build resilience in the Pacific. The Tuvalu Food Futures Project has produced this case study on agricultural activities on Funaota islet in the Nukufetau Atoll to document lessons learned for localization of small scale food security activities in Tuvalu.

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Woman and man with hygiene kit for Cyclone Harold response

Responding with Care to Cyclone Harold and COVID-19

18 May 2020

Live & Learn Solomon Islands has partnered with Care Australia for COVID-19 awareness and Tropical Cyclone Harold disaster recovery. Managing the two issues in tandem has meant improved sanitation and hygiene practices are being enforced in the areas affected by the cyclone. So far the activities done with Care include the distribution of soap and boxes of hygiene kits to eight communities.

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Cover and sample pages of Tuvalu Food Security Community Engagement Strategy

Tuvalu Food Security Community Engagement Strategy

30 April 2020

The Tuvalu Food Futures Community and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy is a road map of suggestions for the next phases of the Tuvalu Food Futures project – including developing design documentation, and testing project approaches. It…

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