Food Resilience

A group of women sitting in front of the clothes they have created

Sisters helping sisters: Skill building in the Solomon Islands

18 May 2024

Women in the Solomon Islands are reshaping their futures and bettering the communities they live in. Live & Learn Solomon Islands recently conducted training for women in three different communities to help empower them with…

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The cover of the RAP as well as some excerpts from inside.

Rapid Assessment of Perceptions: Kiritimati Island

15 April 2024

The purpose of this Rapid Assessment of Perceptions (RAP) is to understand the feasibility of applying
the Atoll Food Futures project in Kiritimati Island.

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A man with a crutch standing next to a food cube

An opportunity for a healthy life

2 April 2024

Kilikali Settlement, located in Nasinu outside of Suva, has been making significant strides in environmental consciousness and community empowerment. At sixty years of age with an amputated leg, Viliame Umu saw Live and Learn’s Atoll…

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Emali standing next to her garden, which is growing green leafy vegetables

How Emali and her garden are growing together

28 March 2024

Matainaborosisi settlement in Fiji is a small community with 28 households and a population of over 60 people. Located in the vicinity of Veisari, this settlement primarily engages in subsistence farming for food security, their…

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Two women holding boxes of vegetables

Women take the lead to protect their communities

8 March 2024

Women in Solomon Islands have been putting their skills and knowledge towards disaster preparedness through a program focused on ensuring communities are ready for an emergency. Members of four women’s church groups have been receiving…

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A group of people surrounded by plants

Strengthening Pacific partnerships for food security

4 March 2024

Crops weren’t the only thing being grown at Live & Learn’s Pacific Food Week last month, with connections between different country teams also being nurtured. Alongside learning many technical skills, including food processing methods and…

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A woman standing in front of shelves of growing plants

Growing towards resilience at Pacific Food Week

4 March 2024

Pacific Island nations face many challenges to their food resilience, but there is also huge knowledge and opportunity throughout the region to help overcome these difficulties. Factors like limited arable land, sea level rise and…

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group of people holding bags

Boosting food security through farming tool kits in Fiji

5 February 2024

Eighty-three households in the villages of Kavula and Banikea in the district of Lekutu, Bua, received farming tool kits from Live & Learn Fiji, as part of the Climate Resilient Islands programme. The CRI programme…

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Documenting traditional ecosystem management in Tuvalu

17 January 2024

The natural resources of Vaitupu Island in Tuvalu have been managed by the community for centuries. As part of the CRI programme, Vaitupu recently documented traditional management of resources, in order to understand how they…

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