Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Illustration of mountains showing how water moves through landscape

Watershed Education Posters

23 November 2020

Live & Learn and Plan International Australia has produced three A1 posters that illustrate watershed management to assist with community-based water security improvement planning in the Solomon Islands. The posters can be used together with…

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Emiline - First female plumbing graduate in Tonga

No longer a pipe dream

19 November 2020

Emeline is one of four apprentice students working with Live & Learn Tonga on the Australian government funded Tonga Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Recovery and Resilience project. As part of World Toilet Day 2020, Live & Learn applauds Emeline and her progress and professional development. Flood, drought and rising sea levels threaten sanitation systems Everyone must have sustainable sanitation that can withstand climate change and keep communities healthy and functioning.

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Children next to posters about using toilets

Global Handwashing Day 2020 in West Guadalcanal Schools

22 October 2020

Global Handwashing day 2020 was celebrated by students and staff in in 8 partner schools in West Guadalcanal Province, Solomon Islands. Because of COVID-19 safety practices, the activities were designed to reduces the overcrowding of students. Each school set up 5 different information stations that students visited in small groups

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Cover of volume 1 of the guide

Community-based Water Security Improvement Planning – Solomon Islands

9 September 2020

Live & Learn and Plan International Australia in collaboration with International WaterCentre has developed a contextualised Community-based Water Security Improvement Planning guide for Solomon Islands. The tool aims to support community-led water management through knowledge…

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Cover for training manual on toilet design and location

Hazard and Environmental Considerations in Toilet Design

7 August 2020

This is a practical training manual prepared for community workers providing training to community-based sanitation enterprises in Vanuatu in how to advise customers on selection of appropriate toilet design, and safe location of different types of…

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Live & Learn PNG staff at menstrual hygiene promotion activities

Schools in Papua New Guinea Take Action on Menstrual Hygiene

6 August 2020

COVID-19 has brought attention to many of the issues that women and girls face managing their periods around the world. This includes affordability and accessibility of menstrual hygiene products, highlighting that periods don’t stop for…

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VSA volunteer Joanna with Live & Learn Tonga

Lasting change in Tonga with VSA and Live & Learn

6 August 2020

Live & Learn Environmental Education has partnered with New Zealand organisaion Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) to expand its work improving infrastructure, education, and climate resilience in pacific communities. 

VSA volunteer Joanna Lentfer has spent eight months helping Live & Learn establish its Tonga office.

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Gas from bio-digester in kitchen in Cambodia

ATEC Wins Ag-Energy Grand Prize

3 August 2020

ATEC Bio-digesters have been declared the winners of the Water and Energy for Food (WE4F) Asia Enhancing Development and Growth through Energy (EDGE) Ag-Energy Prize. ATEC was awarded the Ag-Energy prize for their innovative process of turning farming waste (animal manure & green waste) into free biogas for clean cooking and organic fertiliser for better crops and healthier soil.

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Cover and sample text from Gender and Social Inclusion summary report

Gender & Social Inclusion – “New Times New Targets” Baseline Report Summary

2 June 2020

The New Times New Targets project supports the Solomon Islands government through the collaborative implementation of participatory, risk-based approaches to improving rural WASH access and practices. This includes a ‘twin track’ approach to addressing gender and social inclusion. In early 2019 a gender and social inclusion baseline survey was done in 37 of the 60 target communities in the project. This document is a summary of findings and analysis

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