Kiribati COVID-19 Awareness Posters

In January 2022 Kiribati experienced it’s first wave of COVID-19. In response to this crisis Live & Learn created a series of posters as part of the wider WASH Awareness Program. These posters promoted COVID-19 awareness and safety and featured 6 different designs. Basic hygiene messages were included as well as information suited to the local context.

The WASH Awareness Program is part of the larger South Tarawa Water Supply Project, an Asia Development Bank supported initiative of the Government of Kiribati which aims to reach the entire population ofSouth Tarawa. The program is implemented by Live & Learn Kiribati in partnership with Live & Learn Australia, Plan international and the Kiribati Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy.


Available Resources:

Themes: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
Resource Types: Visual Aids
Locations: Kiribati