Leadership Manual: Protecting food security through adaptation

How can community leaders strengthen food security?

This step-by-step manual helps community leaders develop an action plan for strengthening and protecting food security as a response to the effects of climate change. It equips leaders with information and tools to increase awareness of the effects of climate change, assess the risks to food production, acquire adaptation strategies and technologies, and develop a community plan that will ensure steady food production.

The Leadership Manual contains background information on climate change, tools to assess risk, potential adaptation strategies and methods for taking action. Each section includes practical activities for small groups which can be adapted to the particular needs of the community. The guide can be used by community leaders, agriculture extension workers, NGO field workers and farmers.

The manual can be used with the Crop Fact Sheets and Farm Technology: Protecting food security through adaptation to climate change in Melanesia.

Leadership Manual: Protecting food security through adaptation
Themes: Climate Resilience
Resource Types: Manuals
Locations: Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu