Tonga Community Resilience Profile Summary

Community Resilience Profiles are the result of partner communities thinking about and mapping their ecosystems and resilience. The profiles contain general information on Tonga’s ecosystems and livelihoods, and forecasts on food security and disaster response, especially regarding the effects of climate change and the specific impacts of climate change on each community. They also contain details of local ecosystems, livelihoods, values, strengths, vulnerabilities, assets, organisation structures and Indigenous knowledge.

This profile summarises information generated in 2023 by the Tongan communities in collaboration with Live & Learn Environmental Education as part of the Climate Resilient Islands programme, through the New Zealand Government Resilience Ecosystems for Climate Change Adaptation programme.

Tonga summary front pages
Themes: Climate Resilience, CRI Programme, Environmental Protection
Resource Types: Fact Sheet, Reports
Locations: Tonga