Tuvalu Food Cube Gardening Guide

This guide is to help households or gardening groups in Tuvalu produce as much healthy food, especially leafy green vegetables, from the Biofilta Food Cube. The Biofilta Food Cube is an innovative wicking container for growing vegetables in locations where vegetable beds in the soil on the ground is not possible. The guide is an introduction and overview of container gardening. Topics covered include: 

  1. Garden Site & Food Cube Construction
  2. Soil and Compost
  3. Water Conservation
  4. Planning What to Grow When
  5. A Plant List of vegetables suitable to grow in the Food Cube

While the guide has been written for use in the Tuvalu Food Futures Project, it is relevant to any communities in atolls conditions, or other areas in the tropics who want to try container gardening.

The Food Cube Guide has been produced by Live & Learn Environmental Education through the Tuvalu Food Futures Project, funded by the Australian government through the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

Cover and sample pages of Food Cube Gardening Guide
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