Climate Resilience

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Case Study: CRI as an ecosystems intervention

5 April 2024

The Climate Resilient Islands Programme is one of the work packages contributing to the Ecosystems Intervention Area within MFAT’s Climate Change Programme. This was established in 2019 as a multi-faceted response to Pacific requests for…

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Men floating in boats near mangroves

Resilience in the mangroves

13 March 2024

Marai village in Papua New Guinea contains about 300 people who live in three hamlets that are situated behind vast mangrove forests. The Climate Resilient Islands programme is helping to document their knowledge about this…

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Linking Tongan profiles to resilience planning

6 March 2024

As part of the Climate Resilient Islands programme, communities in Tonga participated in information gathering on community assets, values, livelihoods and challenges. This data was used to produce each community’s Community Resilience Profile. These profiles…

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A group of people surrounded by plants

Strengthening Pacific partnerships for food security

4 March 2024

Crops weren’t the only thing being grown at Live & Learn’s Pacific Food Week last month, with connections between different country teams also being nurtured. Alongside learning many technical skills, including food processing methods and…

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A woman standing in front of shelves of growing plants

Growing towards resilience at Pacific Food Week

4 March 2024

Pacific Island nations face many challenges to their food resilience, but there is also huge knowledge and opportunity throughout the region to help overcome these difficulties. Factors like limited arable land, sea level rise and…

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group of people holding bags

Boosting food security through farming tool kits in Fiji

5 February 2024

Eighty-three households in the villages of Kavula and Banikea in the district of Lekutu, Bua, received farming tool kits from Live & Learn Fiji, as part of the Climate Resilient Islands programme. The CRI programme…

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Women work together for safer farming

1 February 2024

In December 2023, Live & Learn Papua New Guinea visited Katangan village. The community lives below a steep and rocky mountain range facing the coast. Due to the availability of land and soil quality people…

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Resilient fishing in PNG

24 January 2024

In the Climate Resilient Islands programme, communities are incorporating traditional knowledge of ecosystems management into community resilience plans. The ancestors in communities often practised sustainable methods of food growing and gathering, methods that now become…

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Solomon Islands Fact Sheet – Climate Resilient Islands

23 January 2024

The Climate Resilient Islands Programme is working with rural communities in Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, PNG, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu to strengthen community resilience to the impacts of climate change through nature-based approaches. The Programme has…

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