Solomon Islands

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Climate Resilient Islands Toolkit

21 May 2024

The Climate Resilient Islands programme is working with 65 rural communities in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu to strengthen community resilience to climate change through nature-based approaches. To achieve this,…

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A group of women sitting in front of the clothes they have created

Sisters helping sisters: Skill building in the Solomon Islands

18 May 2024

Women in the Solomon Islands are reshaping their futures and bettering the communities they live in. Live & Learn Solomon Islands recently conducted training for women in three different communities to help empower them with…

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An image of the case study on a patterned background

Case Study: CRI as an ecosystems intervention

5 April 2024

The Climate Resilient Islands Programme is one of the work packages contributing to the Ecosystems Intervention Area within MFAT’s Climate Change Programme. This was established in 2019 as a multi-faceted response to Pacific requests for…

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A group of people surrounded by plants

Strengthening Pacific partnerships for food security

4 March 2024

Crops weren’t the only thing being grown at Live & Learn’s Pacific Food Week last month, with connections between different country teams also being nurtured. Alongside learning many technical skills, including food processing methods and…

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A woman standing in front of shelves of growing plants

Growing towards resilience at Pacific Food Week

4 March 2024

Pacific Island nations face many challenges to their food resilience, but there is also huge knowledge and opportunity throughout the region to help overcome these difficulties. Factors like limited arable land, sea level rise and…

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Solomon Islands Fact Sheet – Climate Resilient Islands

23 January 2024

The Climate Resilient Islands Programme is working with rural communities in Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, PNG, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu to strengthen community resilience to the impacts of climate change through nature-based approaches. The Programme has…

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The cover of the sanitation manual and some diagrams from inside.

Clean, healthy & fresh: sanitation construction manual

14 November 2023

Urban development in Solomon Islands presents a number of challenges, including rapid population growth (especially in informal settlements) and limited access to services like electricity, water and sanitation. Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project…

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Cover and a few pages of the GWMT document.

Making change happen: an analysis of the use and results of the gender WASH monitoring tool

21 July 2023

Developed by Plan International, the Gender WASH Monitoring Tool(GWMT) has been designed to recognise the gaps and challenges to measuring gender equality in WASH projects. Read more about how this tool is being used, how it can be improved and survey results in Making Change Happen. 

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Ecological Thinking: A facilitation guide for youth in the Solomon Islands

30 June 2023

Ecological Thinking: A facilitation guide for youth in the Solomon Islands has been designed for workshops with youth club leaders in Honiara. This facilitation guide was produced as part of Plan International’s Safer Cities for Girls program, which is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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