Foodcube Comparative Analysis Study

Live & Learn Tuvalu has been implementing the Tuvalu Food Futures project since 2019 to address the impacts of climate change and sea level rise on food security. Funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, this project uses Biofilta Foodcube technology to address some of the nations food security issues, such as available land and seawater inundation. However, the Food Futures project also focuses on encouraging traditional and cultural farming practices.

This comparative study looks at the different benefits of producing food using Foodcubes versus traditional pulaka pit farming. Importantly it also looks at how they compliment each other to address food security in Tuvalu. As part of this study, 58 respondents (55 households and 3 institutions) were surveyed in Funafuti and Nukulaelae islands during July and August 2021, including 25 FoodCube households, 25 FoodWall households and 31 households practicing pulaka pit farming.

The cover of the study along with some diagrams from inside the document
Themes: Atoll Food Futures, Climate Resilience
Resource Types: Reports
Locations: Tuvalu