WASH in Schools Bottleneck Analysis Resources

WASH in Schools programs must address many activities, including construction of water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, hygiene education and promotion, operations and maintenance support, and advocacy. The Bottleneck Analysis is the foundation tool that Live & Learn uses with schools to identify the barriers (bottlenecks) to accessing WASH services. Identifying these bottlenecks can help focus improvement strategies. The Bottleneck Analysis is also used as a monitoring tool to assess the effectiveness of intervention strategies. This page shares examples of Bottleneck Analysis survey tools from Live & Learn’s online mWater survey platform, and shares an example of a School Bottleneck Analysis Report, and a template for writing a School Bottleneck Analysis Report. These examples are taken from Live & Learn’s WASH in Schools projects implemented in Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea in partnership with Plan International in Australia through the Australian government Water for Women fund. These tools should be adapted to include the national WASH in Schools standards of the country of implementation.

Picture of survey on tablet and man with school BNA report