Digging deeper

14 August 2023

The CRI team in Tonga has been spending a lot of time visiting communities, talking about and documenting community livelihoods, local ecosystems and values. Sharing this information requires the team to build relationships with communities.…

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The changing nature of Vava’u

10 August 2023

The Live & Learn Tonga team have been out finalising information gathering for the production of Community Resilience Profiles in the Vava’u island group. Located 300 kilometres north of the main island of Tongatapu, Vava’u…

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Taking the next steps

2 August 2023

Communities in Fiji have taken the next step in the CRI process by finalising their resilience plans. In the CRI programme we symbolise the journey communities are on with a picture of an island-hopping canoe,…

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Vanuatu has a plan!

26 July 2023

Communities participating in the CRI program in Vanuatu have just finished the resilience planning process, and they don’t just have one plan – they have many! After communities participated in information gathering to produce Community…

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Mussels and resilience

24 July 2023

Freshwater mussels were once found in abundance in the Nasavu River. They were a staple source of food for the Vitina community members, who live along the banks of the river. For generations, these mussels…

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What is the future of Pangai?

10 July 2023

Climate change in the Pacific threatens not only livelihoods; it puts strain on traditional ways of doing things – agriculture, knowledge of land and seasons, and traditional culture. In Tonga, communities have traditional handicrafts made…

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The richness of people and place

9 June 2023

Papaelise, in Tuvalu, is a tiny island perched between the Pacific Ocean and Funafuti Lagoon. It is the second islet, or motu, south of Funafuti’s main islet of Fogafale, where Tuvalu’s main settlement is. Sitting…

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Papaelise: A place of resilience

9 June 2023

During the height of COVID-19, Papaelise was a safe refuge for people away from Tuvalu’s mainland. Most of the few dozen residents living there now moved during the pandemic as part of a relocation program…

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A woman taking pandanus leaves out of a large pot of boiling water

The women weaving climate resilience

6 January 2023

Every week, women in villages like Valeni and Naiqaqi come together to weave their traditional mats. An important part of their traditional knowledge and culture, these are used for homes and for special occasions, making…

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